Are there any reported issues with City Landmarkers?

João Pratas
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Hello all.

I'm building a City Landmarker experience in Leicester Square, London. Currently, it's just supposed to display an animated model when around the area, but at the moment I'm finding it impossible to make it work.

I have created the same experience around the King's Cross area and it worked perfectly, so wondering if there would be any reasons for the same experience not to work in an area where the Studio app actually gives you the 3D reference of the area.

Also, perhaps worth it to say that although in King's Cross it was lightning-fast, In Leicester Square it took ages for the VPS to activate, although this feels more like a Google ARCore issue than a Snap Studio issue, which in this case should be displaying the model where designated.

Any support would be much appreciated here, since I'm confused as to whether it works in one area but in another area, especially since this area should have a lot more reference points.




  • Kevando
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    Did you ever get an answer to this?

  • Shahnanigans
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    I seem to be having the same issue and I am not sure why it isn't initiating when I am at the location and scan the building

  • AHMAD Khawaldah

    can i help you
    first send to me the lens to take a look to it