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Joshua Beckwith
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I'm trying to render a sprite sheet of various 3D particles to use in VFX, but I'm having trouble defining the size of the render target. After I change the size, it squashes the rendered image. I'm guessing I have to change the aspect ratio of the view frustum to match the render target, but is that even possible?

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    In the camera component rendering to this render target, set 'Device Property' to something other than 'All Physical'!

    The 'All Physical' option makes the camera's FOV and Aspect match the device the user is recording with, which means a square render target will have stretching in it as it tries to fit the vertical aspect ratio inside that resolution.

    If you set it to 'None', you have manual control over these settings (and in your case, you want to have an aspect ratio of 1)


  • Joshua Beckwith

    Amazing, thank you! I will definitely be using this approach next time!

    I do wish we could set the actual pixel dimensions of the render target, but I suppose this is a step in the right direction.