How do I create a 2D foreground layer on top of all my underlying effects?


Hello Community!

I'm just getting started with Lens Studio and have set up a Lens using a BG video loop, full body segmentation for keying out the real BG, some liquify effects, distortion on the face, color correction and shake. It all seems to work well so far, with an Open/Close Mouth set as the trigger for the effects to turn on and off.

What I want to do next is to apply some foreground elements; particles, some text, a logo and other 2d graphics in the foreground covering the entire screen. When I try to apply the particles and the 2d elements, they only render inside the body segmentation area and is masked out from the background. How can I get these elements to be visible across the entire screen area?

Thank you for your help with this very basic question :)