3D Hand interactions template for both hands

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Hi everyone
In Lens Studio version 4.28 the tracking of both hands was added. This is a great feature that I would like to use also in the 3D hand interactions template. I did what was described here https://docs.snap.com/lens-studio/references/templates/object/3d-hand-tracking/#3dhandtracking and changed the Left and Right Hand Tracking Asset to "Two Hands". Now, the template shows the skeleton and bones for both hands.
What I would like to do now is that if the left hand does a certain gesture, then a different behavior should be triggered than when the right hand does the gesture. And it should be possible to different gestures with the left and the right hand at the same and then the different behaviors should be triggered simultaneously. Does anyone know how this can be achieved?
I appreciate any help.Thanks!


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    Hi MartinaBluum,
    perhaps you've already found a solution to this, but I would check the sceneObject name for which the gesture was detected. You could do this in the "GlobalTrackingHelper" script. Or, you could write a small script to wait for the trigger and also check the parent object of the trigger sender. If it matches the hand you want, then accept the trigger. Hope that makes sense and good luck!