Beat Maker (sample project)

Atley Loughridge
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This project takes maps and a song and turns them into beats. Tap when the beats pass the white line to hit.

The intention of this project is to be a simple sample so you can experiment with inputs or whatever you want!

Lens Studio Project Download

  • LS v4.28.1


  • LS Editor
  • Mobile
  • Spectacles 2021


  • Click/tap when beat passes white line


I only have beat position and cut. Mines and dodge areas won't show up. Because the current click/tap input is a single input type, beats don't yet respond to "how" you hit them - you'd have to code that hit check yourself to respond to the input you'd like to use.


Here’s how to add your song/map:

Get a beat map

Convert your .dat files

  • Open .dat “info” and “difficulty” files in text edit
  • Make new js files in Lens Studio for each
  • At the top of the js files, write “script.json = “
  • Then copy the contents of the .dat file and paste it into its new js file
  • Drag each js file into the right script component in the Objects panel so the BeatController can read the data.

Convert your song .egg file

  • Rename .egg to .ogg
  • Convert it to mp3 using some converter tool, maybe audacity
  • Drag your song to the audio component


  • Use in editor, Snapchat, or Spectacles
  • Tap on beats when they pass the line

HMU with q's and HAVE FUN!!