Script Reference loss when moving project from one machine to another



We have experienced some weird behaviour regarding losing script references on components when passing a Lens Studio project from one computer to another.

We haven't had a successful repro though, sometimes the files copy alright, other times they just get set to Default.

Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a way to surely and securely move the project files to another machine without stuff breaking?

Any info is much appreciated! Thank you!


  • Max
    Max Posts: 26 🔥

    I have not had this issue myself (I'm on a Mac, maybe this is different per OS?).
    But one thing that I can add that might be helpful, is that the 'save as' function seems to be a bit broken.

    For me, when I use 'save as' on a project, the original project (not the newly saved one) loses reference to the texture files. So there are duplicate assets in the Resources folder, which have to be manually deleted and re-linked again. Maybe this is related to the issue you're having?