What am I missing re: neck binding??

I'm trying so hard to make a suit of armour that covers the chest up. Head-binding was a snap (pun unintended). But no matter what I try, I can't get .FBX files to bind anywhere else on the body. I can get the armour to bind to the head, but that looks silly.

I've tried every tutorial on the topic. Full-body with armature, shoulder-binding, neck-binding, everything. Right now I'm looking at the "Cloth Simulator" because there's a bandana that goes around the guy's neck. I tried replacing the bandana mesh with a .FBX file, but the imported file just sits in my resources, dark-grey'd out. (What does dark-grey'd out even mean?)

Can anyone tell me what vital piece of this puzzle I'm missing?

Thanks so much!


  • And OF COURSE, 2 hours after I post this, I figure it out. O_o

    FWIW, here's what I did, in case any other NOOBs stumble across this.

    • get the cloth simulator
    • go to neck pivot point under objects
    • file -> import -> choose your FBX
    • from the objects panel, drag/drop the imported file under the neck pivot point group
    • then for the helmet, imported the FBX, then put it into the Head Binding group

    Done. That... "EASY"...