I have a question to lenese creator’s

SHKO Razgay |🧑🏽‍💻💻
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Greetings and respect. Please, I have a question. I have problems with the audience of the lenses. Before you, some of them had 700,000 viewers, and now it has become 8,000, and most of my lenses have lost their viewers, and they have no duty to solve it.


  • Rzwan Ramazan

    general problem :'(

  • arslanbutt

    Greetings! It sounds like you're facing challenges with the visibility of your Snapchat lenses and a significant drop in viewership. While I don't have direct access to the Snapchat support system, I can offer some general suggestions that might help you address the issue:

    Review Lens Policies:

    Make sure that your lenses adhere to Snapchat's community guidelines and policies. Any violation of these guidelines might lead to a reduction in visibility or removal of your lenses.
    Optimize Lens Descriptions and Keywords:

    Ensure that your lens descriptions and keywords are relevant and accurately describe the content of your lenses. This can impact how easily users can find and engage with your lenses.
    Engage with the Community:

    Actively engage with the Snapchat Lens Studio community and share your lenses on social media. Networking with other creators can help increase the visibility of your lenses.
    Stay Updated on Snapchat Changes:

    Snapchat and its algorithms may undergo changes over time. Stay informed about any updates or changes in the Snapchat platform and adjust your lens creation and promotion strategies accordingly.
    Seek Feedback:

    If possible, seek feedback from Snapchat Lens Studio communities or forums. Others may provide insights into similar issues or offer suggestions on how to improve the visibility of your lenses.
    Contact Snapchat Support:

    While it may take some time, consider reaching out to Snapchat's support directly. Provide them with specific details about the issue you're facing, and inquire if there are any specific reasons for the drop in viewership. They might be able to offer guidance or assistance.
    Remember that the Snapchat platform and its policies are subject to change, and audience engagement can fluctuate for various reasons. If your lenses are in compliance with Snapchat's guidelines and you're still experiencing issues, it's crucial to communicate directly with Snapchat's support for personalized assistance.

    Note: My information is based on the state of knowledge as of January 2022, and Snapchat's policies or features may have changed since then. Always refer to the latest Snapchat documentation and support resources for the most up-to-date information.