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How Can I add Map Along With Snap Stories for the Business Account?

Amex Cars UAE
Amex Cars UAE Posts: 1
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Hi Community

I have My Site Related Rent a Car Dubai Business. I want to add a map with the feature of Snap Story On my Site for Users When a User Clicks on Snap or Map, He will redirect to my website there IS anyone Who Can Help Me Regarding this Issue.
Please guide me, I will waiting for your valuable response.

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  • stevenxu
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    Hi @Amex Cars UAE ! This looks like a Snapchat related question. Please click here to be redirected to our support team to help you.

    Closing this post as this forum is intended for discussions of Lens Studio, Camera Kit, Spectacles, and Snap Kit. For questions or support about our app, Snapchat, please visit our support page here.

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