Snapchat Lens not publishing?

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I have a snapchat lens that can't publish (its also hidden from public). The following were the error messages:
1) "This Lens has one or more errors on certain devices. Please try again."
2) "This Lens failed technical review due to errors".

I looked at the technical requirements under the guidelines, but I'm lost

appreciate any and ALL suggestions, thank you!


  • brandon
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    This is more likely an error due to a script within the lens. I would suggest first testing your lens with unexpected interactions. Try spamming tap, spamming swipe left/right, switching camera front/back quickly, etc.

    If none of them produce an error then you should more closely review any scripts for potential errors, make sure anything a script is accessing is 100% of the time going to be accessible by the script (i.e. don't rely on delaying before accessing or fast load performance) and things like that.

  • keke
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    ** Snapchat rolled out a fix! so I'm all good now