Generating A Snapcode for Testing/Client Approvals


One thing I really don't understand with Lens Studio is why we can't generate a preview to be able to get others to test or allow a client to test before we submit the lens.

At the moment I create a hidden community lens but it has to go through approvals to be able to do that. Seems like a really clunky way unless I'm missing something.

Spark & Effect House allows you to generate a link or QR to allow others to test in app and the link expires after a set time.


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    Prime example - I'm trying to test the City AR template by submitting a community lens that's hidden so a colleague in Santa Monica can test it out. It gets approved then rejected straight away for the preview violating rules. Doesn't say which exact rule it violates. I just want them to be able to test the lens without spending hours trying to get a preview video approved.

    I've also got no way of speaking to anyone.

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    Well, you need to directly email the Lens Team.