Imported Texture Error - 3D Full Body Tracking


Ever since I have updated to the newest version of LensStudio 4.31.0, my garment textures are no longer working in lensstudio. Is it me or is there a bug? -- this same workflow used to work fine.

Likely connected to the error message: vertex shader build error: 0(292): error C1009: "normal" is not member of the struct "sc_Vertex_t"

Typical process:
Using a UV workflow from CLO3D with the body asset from Lensstudio, I export as fbx into Lensstudio. When importing, garment imports with no problems/fits on avatar/ tracks well etc

Then I create a new material: PBR, or Uber PBR, into which I upload my texture maps from CLO3D (base + normal). It shows up properly in the material preview window.

Once I connect this material to the garment mesh, the mesh becomes completely grey.

Any ideas?
Thanks ! ****

Supporting Images:
Garment with a default texture:
Settings for the PBR Material:
Error once adding PBR to Mesh:


  • SlomLife
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    Hello 👋
    Try to delete any files in lens that you not need or check if you enable something that notblet the mesh show up very well or from the face number by default is come 0 try to make a copy of it so the first one will be 0 and the second one will be 1
    I hope that I help you well
    Thank you 🙏