Does any body tracking type work on Snap Camera?


Hey guys, I'm having a hard time with a project that must work on Snap Camera,

On Lens Studio I made 3 particles follow my hand, test it on snap chat worked just fine, when I moved to Snap Camera only 1 VFX particle shows up in a weird position but it still following my hand somehow, and the other 2 VFX particles disappear. All those particles should appear only when my hands get together, using the logger to screen script I could debug the distance of my hands to trigger those particles, on Lens and Snap works fine, but on Snap Camera I always get a 0 from the logger...


  • modelsbymike3d

    The current version of Snap Camera (1.20.0) only supports lenses made with Lens Studio 4.25 and earlier. If you are using a more recent version of Lens Studio that is probably the reason why it isn't working. You can grab older versions here: