Lens for cat/dog -> trigger/behavior problem


Hello everybody,

I'm a new user of Lens Studio and I'm trying do create a Lens for animals.

I would like to play a sound as soon as the animal face is found.

But the only thing I managed to do is to set an "on tap" trigger to start playing my sound.

I also tried the "on awake" and the "on start" triggers but the sound is played before the cute animal face is found :( .

So it seems like the "on tap" trigger is the only way to play my sound after the face is found.

Hope I'm wrong.

Maybe I should try to write a custom script.

Can you help me please ?

Many thanks.


  • brandon
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    Your trigger should be "Object tracking event" then the event type is "Object Found". This will run the response when the pet tracking finds a face.

    Full example:

  • Anna lious

    thanks fro sharing