Body mesh disappears


Hello, I was following the "Building AR Fashion Try-On lens" but got stuck quite early because I'm using my own 3D asset. When I import my asset and add it as the external mesh to the Full Body Mesh object, everything but the skeleton disappears. Anyone have any ideas? -

ps. snapAR please add an "upload image" function here.


  • SlomLife
    SlomLife Posts: 87 🔥🔥

    I think you need to connect the bones in your 3D object together first and try after that if not go right try to change the extension of your 3D object and try again .
    Check this link below for more information:

    Thank you

  • HAD AR
    HAD AR Posts: 2

    this same thing happens to me. I've read all the import and export instructions, tried decreasing the size of the files but nothing helps, the mesh doesn't show the object I've imported.

    If anyone has a solution, I'd really appreciate your help.

    Thank you