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Everytime I attempt to upload a lens, I get an error message saying "This lens cant be uploaded to My Lenses Check your internet connection or try again later"


  • 理塘 丁真


  • faizay.1
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    If you are experiencing difficulties uploading a lens to Snapchat and receiving the error message "This lens can't be uploaded to My Lenses. Check your internet connection or try again later," here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

    1. Check your internet speed or connection
    2. Update Snapchat
    3. Clear app cache
    4. Check lens requirements
    5. Contact Snapchat support (if none of the above works)

    Remember to provide any relevant details, such as the specific lens you are trying to upload, the device you are using, and any error codes or messages you receive. This will help Snapchat support better understand and address the issue you're facing.

  • audun
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    Hi @理塘 丁真,
    When I got the same error message, it was because I tried uploading a lens I made with a newer version of Lens Studio in an older version.

    Which version are you running Lens Studio in?