Snap map Bitmoji doesn't listen to music

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When I listen to music on my phone the Bitmoji doesn't change to this head phone listening thing.
I have a Pixel 6 Pro and use YouTube Music for listening to music.
It neither works with wireless headphones (in my case Pixel Buds Pro) not with no headphones.


  • AHMAD Khawaldah

    There are several ways to fix it
    You can login to bitmoji manually
    And change the status from normal to listening to music

    هناك عدة طرق لاصلاح الامر
    يمكنك الدخول الى bitmoji يدويا
    وتغيير الحاله من العالدي الى سماع الموسيقى

  • Jhonvick2233

    If your Bitmoji isn't changing when you listen to music on your Pixel 6 Pro using YouTube Music, here's what you can do:

    Check Permissions: Make sure Bitmoji has the right permissions to access your phone's audio.

    Update Apps: Keep Bitmoji and YouTube Music updated to the latest versions.

    Restart Phone: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix the issue.

    Look for Help: If it still doesn't work, contact Bitmoji or YouTube Music support.

    Check Online: Search online to see if others have the same problem and if there's a known solution.

    These steps should help you get your Bitmoji working properly when you listen to music.

  • Snapchat's Bitmoji avatars primarily reflect your actions and location rather than syncing with the music playing on your device. However, Snapchat continuously updates and adds new features, so there might have been changes or new functionalities introduced after my last update.

    If you're experiencing issues or seeking a specific feature that syncs your Bitmoji with music on Snap Map, it's recommended to check the latest Snapchat app updates or visit the Snapchat support page for any recent feature additions or changes related to Bitmoji and music synchronization on the Snap Map.