Seeking a professional and experienced Snap camera lens for training course

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we keep seeking an experience snap camera lens creator who can give to my team
a professional 2 hours to 2 hours half courses with our 3d animator and 3d digital fashion artist via zoom
we can discuss payment as and will be done via paypal..

we are a 3d animation studio with 30 years experience in mocap, realtime fashion clothe simulation. AR is a great avenue for our New digital fashion concept
here is a breakdown as example what the courses can be

Prior the course everyone will have snap lens software downloaded, our 3d rigged model in blender, fashion garment in clo3d
We sense a course of 2 hours
Intro of yourself
Intro of snap lens (what it does and its potential and reason of having AR snap lens for fashion
Preparation of the 3d model over the snap lens mesh ?
Preparation of the UV map in clo3d (distance particle)?
Preparation of the garment of the Mesh in clo3d for the clothes?
The proper way to export GLB or GLTF or it is something we do from blender?
IMPORT into blender the fashion garment fully ready


Second hour
Import the fashion into blender
Prepare with all the setting the fashion garment into the 3d model
EXPORT and conversion from FBX to GLB or GLTF and explaning its reason
Show the steps the menu in snap lens
Show the steps to import our 3d model into snap lens
Show the steps to import the converted fashion garment set
Show the steps the way in work on previous model
Why to choose different real model showing in the preview window in snap lens
How to adjust all the setting for the fashion
How to run test
How to finalize the body, hand, head snap lens tracking
Creation of menu to apply from same items different pattern or color?
How to finalize and create the snap lens

We are looking forward speaking with you soon
Kinds regards