Lensathon - How can I make lsmat file Extension

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I'm participating in the Lensathon
I'm new to Lens studio, and an experienced software developer.

When I have gone through the docs of "Full Body Trigger" found some file extension as 'lsmat' (eg. PartyHat.lsmat)

I have a bundle of questions regarding that.
1. What is this extension is
2. How can I make such files
3. What is the use of it
4. How this is helpful in AR development

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  • Bakari Mustafa
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    1. The '.lsmat' file extension stands for 'Lens Studio Material.' It is a file format used to store the material settings for 3D models in Lens Studio.
    2. To create a '.lsmat' file, you can create a new material in Lens Studio by right-clicking in the Assets panel and selecting 'New Material.' Then you can adjust the settings for the material, such as the color and texture, and save the file with the '.lsmat' extension.
    3. The '.lsmat' file is used to define the visual appearance of 3D models in Lens Studio. It contains information about the color, texture, and other material properties of the model.
    4. In AR development, the '.lsmat' file is used to make the 3D models in Lens Studio more visually realistic and believable. By adjusting the material settings, you can make the models appear to have different surfaces, such as metal, wood, or plastic, and make them respond to lighting in a more realistic way.