Game Logic Question for Movement

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Hi everyone, I am trying to recreate one of my sparkAR filters for Snap Chat. Unfortunately my current knowledge of the more complex Lens Studio leads me to some unexpected obstacles. Mostly because I am trying to use visual scripting and less programming. (my brain can only take so much)

Basically I have a moving object (ball), that moves endlessly through the screen in various directions. It will get reflected (and redirected) on each screen site similar to a pinball game.

Let's take about the movement over time first. In my finished filter I used loop animations (0,1s) that results in movement of a ball every time the loop finishes. The movement happens in X and Y directions at the same time. The overall speed is defined by a specific number which leads to (speedY = overallSpeed - speedX). How can I recreate endless loops of movement? I think tweens will work fine for movement. I am trying to manipulate the TweenTransform script's To-Movement. It should alter to a new value every time the loop finishes and therefore create the illusion of an endless movement.

Thanks for any help or advice.