City-scale AR crashes Snapchat on iOS

I built a City-scale AR filter and sent it to my phone for testing. I jumped on a train to London and when I got to the location and tested the filter it just immediately crashed the app. I did notice that when NOT in Central London the app displays the animation prompt to go to the location for the filter to work so it must be recognising that I am in the correct spot and trying to instantiate the content. Where do I go with this? Are there any issues to be aware of in the template project?


  • Shahnanigans
    Shahnanigans Posts: 16 🔥

    Hey @Lee Probert ! I had the exact same issue when I have tried to use the City Scale AR template. For some reason It doesnt work for me either and I cant seem to find any in depth tutorials or documentation to understand why this is happening. It could also be due to a bug in the older versions of Lens Studio. Hopefully with the latest version we shouldnt be having this problem? 🤞🏽

    Let me know if you figure out a solution