Check out my Global Game Jam 2023 submission

🥊 Sergey
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Hi, everyone!

Please, give a try to my AR Boxing Game and share your feedback:

Your name is Akecheta, a native inhabitant of a fantasy continent discovered in the 15th century. You have to protect your civilization from evil conquerors with AR shadowboxing — throwing punches into the air in front of you.

Opponents will be approaching you one-by-one, and you will only have 60 seconds to beat each of them, as the difficulty grows. Save your continent, culture, and roots by reaching the 28th level, where you will have to gradually speed-up to 200 punches per minute.

1. Run the Snapchat Lens
2. Put your smartphone in about 1 meter from you, frontal camera facing you, looking a bit upwards
3. Make sure your head and [almost] full body is visible to the camera
4. Push Start
5. Throw punches into the air, as there is an imaginary opponent in front of you
6. Make sure you stay in the camera sight, and your fists enter the punch zone (i.e. the upper part of the screen, indicated with a dashed line)
7. The green HP line indicates the opponent’s health left. Drain it in under 60 seconds to win!