Why my lens got rejected

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I've been upload for twice, and i got rejected.anyone know how is it going ?
all my graphic is original.
this is the details logs;

Content Review Failure

This Lens submission was rejected for violating our Guidelines. Please review our Community Guidelines and Lens Submission Guidelines. Please update this Lens to comply with our Guidelines.

This Lens contains unlicensed, copyright-protected content owned by Snap Inc. Content in Lenses may only feature original or authorized works

Violating Components:



  • Bakari Mustafa
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    To resolve this issue and have your lens approved for publication, you will need to remove any unlicensed content from your lens and replace it with original or authorized works.

    Make sure to review Snapchat’s Community Guidelines and Lens Submission Guidelines before resubmitting your lens to ensure that it complies with all of their requirements.

  • Are you using the Cry lens? Some how snapchat without warning started to clam it as copyright that is one reason.

  • frntlne
    frntlne Posts: 2

    i just use the avatar style for snapchat

  • LensCreator21

    I have the same problem! I used the avatar style lens with a beard, and I created the beard myself and my lens is rejected for the same reason. If they enable us to create lenses with avatar style, then why does it get rejected?