How to fix the drawPath script in "Spectacles Path" template

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Hi there!

I'd like to create an experience of spawning numerous objects along the generated forward path.

I came across this Spectacles Path template and guide and provide a good starting point.

I downloaded the finished project and when I run it to check it out, it seems like the elements are not reacting and following the path. I assume as it's a bit older template, there might be some sort of code issue.

I was wondering if anyone has tried to do something similar recently and found a solution, or you have any ideas for alternative ways to go about it.

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    Hey @mskrfttt I think you're right maybe because it's an old Template and that's required Lens Studio team attention,

    I would suggest you reach out to the Lens Studio support and I am sure they'll ask you for the project file and they should be able to help you fix the issue I wish you the best!

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