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Turning off low battery notifications

My Snapchat spectacles have a low battery right now, which is fine, I don't need them anytime soon, but Snapchat has been bombarding me with notifications that they have low battery. I'm literally getting one every 45 seconds and I've probably gotten 25 in a row at this point. Obviously I'm going to go find them and plug them in, but is there any way to turn off this notification "feature" so this doesn't happen in the future?


  • Tariq B
    Tariq B Posts: 96 🔥🔥

    Hey @Maria Kasminsky As a Spectacles user as well I understand what you're saying and I think there's no solution for that tell now!

    I would suggest you go to the Spectacles Feature Request Channel
    and request this as a feature request to be added to the Notification category in the Snapchat App.

  • Same issue here! Can’t turn off low battery notifications in Spectales. Any solution?