3D Body Tracker on specific person

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Hey guys,

i have a ML Module which detects if someone wears sth specific, detail is not important. If this happens, this guy gets a specific 3d asset on his body. The 3d asset is a child of the 3d Body Tracking module. The problem is, if two people are in the camera, then the second person can get the 3d object.

Is there a way to attach it only to the person, which wears the specific thing? My idea is: Get the coordinates of the body tracker and object, if it is in the near, than attach it. How can I access the coordinates of the bodytracker? If I can make it, how can I assign the 3d Object to it? (Change the index of the bodytracker, so it matches what i want etc.)

Thank you very much


  • Tariq B
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    That's actually an interesting question! I will let you know If I am able to find a solution for that!