A glass-like AR smartphone solution


hi, Everyone and Snap PMs,

My team has developed a glass-like AR solution. It's like VR/AR headset except it's hand held device. To be precise, it's a AR smartphone. It simulates the VR headset effect on a smartphone. Of course, I do need a glassless 3D display to make it happen. It cannot run on a normal smartphone. But, my team is working with leading smartphone IC manufacture Mediatek. We plan to put it on high-end smartphones. The shipping number will be millions.

Users can feel all virtaul objects in front of tham at right size. It might be hard to imagine how to fit a virtual basketball into a tiny 11.5" display. Actuall, you can try to put a basketball a little bit far away from your smartphone. You can still see the whole ball. Of course. You can feel the distance and the size of the ball.

Best of all, we also provide mirror mode. It works just like a normal mirror. You can feel the true size of your face behind the screen. In the future, all face filter application can run on this platform. This is one very unique function all the AR headset cannot provide, right?

If you have any suggestion which can make your APP peforms better on our platform, I would definitely like to learn it from you.
We are also seeking more technical support from Snap. If you happen know how to get in touch of them, could you just leave me a private message?

One day, wherever you want to enjoy AR just take your AR smartphone out of your pocket, you can see the virtual characters dancing right in front of you behind the screen. You can see your own face with rabbit ear just like a real mirror.