Missing Lens


So I was using a "Comics Style" lens by Snapchat which a friend of mine can find but is no longer visible to me for some reason. I've reinstalled the app and nada. I was using it for about 8 months up to about 2 weeks ago when it disappeared because I went to clear the cache AND FOR SOME STUPID REASON Snapcam defaults to "clear favourites" which is one of the dumbest things I can think of. Anywho now I cannot find this lens whether i search for it or even provide the url of the actual filter.

Seems really unintuitive in terms of how to find filters/use them, and twice as dumb that I could have a filter i was using just fine for almost a year and now that its not in my 'favourites' it just DOESNT exist, like why? And how can I bring it back?