BUG: Compound body inconsistency between LS and Lens

aidan Posts: 32 🔥



Attempting to use compound physics bodies and though the compounded shape registers collisions as expected in Lens Studio, it does not in Lens, leaving just the root physics body colliding and none else. This is likely a bug.


  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 542 👻

    Thanks!! Confirming ticket created and sent to the team. They'll reach out via email if they have any follow ups

  • aidan
    aidan Posts: 32 🔥

    Okay great. I have found a work around which is to toggle on the parent's physics body (with compound enabled) on and off at start and it seems to fix it. Maybe there's something up with start runtime or physics bodies that are added via scripting?

    I wish I could include a sample more quickly, currently working inside a big project. But could provide if needed