Problem of very long loading/saving time on project with large object folder

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i have a problem that is getting more and more severe while the project is growing: Loading or saving the project in lens studio takes around 5 minutes.

The Scene/assets folder contains 37872 .lsbin files adding up to 3,33 GB of binary data. I wrote a script to count all the SceneObjects that are included in the project, they accumulate to 670 objects. What could be the cause of that folder getting so large and how can i control the size? On a project save, all of these files get updated so i dont have a clue if any of these files are obsolete.
In the process of the project i imported fbx models multiple times, which i deleted when i received an upgraded version of them, expecting that this would also clean up the bin files. Could this be the problem?


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    lutzer Posts: 2

    is there any way to clean up the project, besides moving everything to a new project?