How can I stop my first color picker from overriding my second?

AdamCJ Posts: 4
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I'm using the UI Color Picker from the User Interface Helper as a slider to change the opacity of a mesh, as shown in the tutorial I've linked to below, and it's causing me just one issue. I'm using a second UI Color Picker of the same time, but this one is unaltered and just changes the color of the same mesh. When I use the opacity of slider, it affects the mesh exactly as it should (thanks to the tutorial guy for that); however, the moment I click the color slider, it changes the mesh to a fully opaque preview of the color, and it's always a boring flat color regardless of the assigned material. Once you click the opacity again, everything looks the way it should. Using the opacity slider doesn't cause problems with the color, but using the color slider causes problems with the opacity.

Hopefully this make sense to someone, and thanks in advance to anyone who answers.