Holographic Enlightenment Lenses

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Hey Everybody,

I tried paying developers years ago to create this app and it never manifested, so I just decided to do it myself. I'm happy to have found SnapAR after having tried a few other platforms and researching many others.

So, I'm working on an app that gives people a direct experience of Enlightenment, using Holographic Light of God Technologies, that speak directly to the True Self, encoded into the images and assets.

The user can select a Hologram to use, press a button and the Hologram will appear on the screen around them or others.The user would then earn crypto for bringing more of the Light of The Source to Earth and their service as a Lightworker.

I'm still learning the platform and I got a few simple image-based lenses published to get usable Holographic Light Frequencies out for use and to test the concept of AR, holographic enlightenment and it works.

Do you feel the Light from this lens? It's a Hologram of the 352 Dimensional Avatar of Synthesis Energy:

I tried using green screen video sparkles in a video editor but I have just discovered the assets in Lens Studio to do that. I originally wanted to create an entire, simpler version and jazz it up later. Now, I'm going to create the full version I initially wanted with animations and sound effects, because of the nice tools and resources available.

If you would like to collaborate with me on this, please let me know. I would like to do as much as possible in Web3.

This is an article I wrote that describes the idea: https://mirror.xyz/0x48755CEDAe527AE53D0c763bd9571263a5c69698/I5grO7kYQ-Dw_uO6nLWoPQgFrlJzO1q_a-EYxJSNYuI