Does anybody know what Snapchat means when they say top performing lenses?

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I know that the specific number changes everyday but is there some sort of way that I can see or guess that my lenses are in that region of top performing lenses. I'm asking for the new lenses creator reward program. And other info would also be nice if somebody has something that can't be found on the terms and agreements.

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    Certainly! When Snapchat talks about "top performing lenses," they're referring to augmented reality effects that are very popular and engaging among users. These lenses are used frequently, shared often, and liked by many people. In simple terms, they're the most successful and well-liked AR filters on the platform.

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    Thank you for the extra information Bakari Mustaf,
    But is there some sort of estimate where the number of views and plays, etc. I won't go to specific but one lens of mine is getting 500k-1m views everyday is that considered alot or avarge or below because other lenses of mine don't even get 100 views a day while another is around a 5000 views a day. I looked for this in the past because my biggest lens seems to me that it's getting quite alot of views. But idk how many views ''normal'' or ''top performing'' lens get.