A question about the lens creator reward program

Wocas Posts: 3

I've submitted a couple of my lenses but there is a problem two of them went in review for 2 days but the other one immediately went public again (it was in review for a couple seconds) but the dollar sign was gray for all of them so I thought that was weird (btw it said all of them were pending for the program in review) and after two days two of the tree were accepted and had a yellow dollar sign. And we're also now public again. But the one filter has been public now for almost 6 days and still is in the pending (gray dollar sign) mode. I did try to update the lens to see if maybe that would help it get in that preview mode but nothing helped. Sadly that is the best performing lens I have and of all the lenses I want this one to enroll the most. Does somebody know why it is?