Call To Action


Hello everyone,

I'm currently developing a Snapchat Lens that involves having two distinct Call To Action (CTA) texts—one for the rear camera and another for the front camera. The challenge I'm encountering is that while the CTA text for the rear camera disappears as intended when I start recording, the issue arises when I switch to the front camera. In this scenario, the CTA text meant for the front camera does not disappear.

To provide further context, when I initiate recording using the rear camera, the CTA text designed for the rear camera vanishes as expected. However, upon switching to the front camera, the CTA text that corresponds to the front camera's view does not disappear.

Additionally, I've noticed that the CTA text remains visible in the final picture when a user takes a photo, which is not the desired behavior.

I'm seeking guidance on how to ensure a seamless transition between the two CTA texts, ensuring that the appropriate text disappears when switching between rear and front cameras. Furthermore, I'd like to address the issue of the CTA text persisting in the final picture when a user takes a photo. Any insights, advice, or potential solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!