How can I exclude a part of the hairoccluder, so that it occludes only a part of an object ?

I built a hat. The thing is, that the hairoccluder occludes all the hat and not just underneath the hat to make it look realistic.


  • zooapk
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    It sounds like you've encountered an issue with your hat project specifically with the hairoccluder. To make the hat look more realistic, you'll want the hairoccluder to only occlude the hair that would naturally be underneath the hat, rather than covering the entire hat.

    One way to approach this problem is by adjusting the parameters or settings of the hairoccluder in your project. Check if there are options to limit the occlusion to the area where the hair should realistically be covered by the hat. This may involve tweaking the thickness or position of the occluder to achieve the desired effect.

    If you're using a 3D modeling or game development software, you might also want to explore the use of textures or shaders to create a more natural transition between the hair and the hat. This can help blend the two elements together seamlessly, making it look more realistic.

    Additionally, don't hesitate to seek advice or tutorials specific to the software or platform you're using, as there may be community resources or experts who can provide guidance on how to achieve the desired effect for your hat project. Good luck, and I hope you can resolve the issue and create a fantastic-looking hat!