Lens Studio "Network Error"


Issue Description

I am experiencing a persistent "Network Error" in Lens Studio when attempting to use certain network-dependent features within the application. While I can successfully log in using my Snapchat account, I encounter a "Network Error" message when trying to access functions that rely on an internet connection.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Launch Lens Studio.
  2. Log in with my Snapchat account (account details are correct).
  3. Attempt to access network-dependent features (e.g., uploading or downloading lenses).
  4. Encounter a "Network Error" message.

Expected Behavior

I expect to be able to use network-related features within Lens Studio without encountering any errors.

Additional Information

  • Location: I am located in Mainland China.
  • VPN Usage: I am using a VPN to access the internet.
  • VPN Stability: My VPN connection is stable, and I can access other websites and online services without any issues.
  • Duration of Issue: This problem has persisted for several days.
  • Lens Studio Version: My Lens Studio version is v4.55.
  • Operating Systems: I have encountered this issue on both macOS and Windows, indicating that it's not specific to a particular operating system.

Screenshots or Error Messages

Please investigate this issue as it significantly impacts my ability to fully utilize Lens Studio's features. Feel free to reach out if you require any additional information to address this problem. Thank you for your assistance.