Help with unconventionally shaped clothing

Jam G
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I need to make a wearble based on this sweater with its sleeves as decorative piece. Is there a way to make it work in Lens Studio?


  • BilalShiekh14

    Certainly! To create a wearable based on the sweater with decorative sleeves in Lens Studio, you can use Adobe Lightroom to enhance and edit your sweater image. Lightroom app mod apk is a powerful photo editing tool that allows you to adjust colors, lighting, and overall aesthetics.

    First, import the image of the sweater into Lightroom. Then, you can play with the color balance, saturation, and brightness to make the colors pop and ensure the details of the sleeves are well-defined. Additionally, you can use Lightroom to crop and straighten the image, making it suitable for use in Lens Studio.

    Once you're satisfied with the edits in Lightroom, export the image and import it into Lens Studio. Lens Studio is a platform developed by Snap Inc. for creating augmented reality experiences. You can use the edited image as a texture for your wearable, mapping it onto the virtual garment you're designing.

    Remember to follow Lens Studio's guidelines for creating wearables, and you'll be on your way to bringing your sweater design to life in augmented reality!

  • saleenajohn49

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