I need help learning how to replicate a lens - willing to pay!

Rex the Runt
Rex the Runt Posts: 13 🔥

Hi there

I'm trying to make my own version of a animal head lens which was released by Snapchat.

It's a stag head and has the user's eyes and an animated mouth.

I want to learn how to adapt it to my own needs, but I am struggling. I tried to hire someone on Upwork, but they wanted to charge me a lot in dollars. I'm in a third world country and dollars don't come cheap. :'(

However, I do have a budget of around $100 to pay someone to help me. I don't necessarily need the lens to be completely made for me, as I know this is a time-consuming job and would be more costly. I would like it if someone could break down the steps I need to take to make the lens because I want to make several different versions myself.

I have tried starting with various templates and adapting them, but I am stuck!

For example, do I need to create a 3D mesh of the animal, how do I prepare my animal head assets, how do I make sure the eyes stay attached to the position within the animal's head, how do I go about creating the mouth animation and integrate it into the head...

I have skills in graphics and animation, and I have a little experience in Blender 3D. I have done many hours of tutorials in Lens Studio and Effect House.

If someone is willing to list all the steps, I will learn how to use the relevant tools.
Thank you!