Gaussian Splats in a lens?

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I'm curious if there is a way to bring gaussian splat 3d scans or Nerfs into lens effect?


  • LucasBrownst

    Ah, you seek to weave a visually enchanting tapestry using Gaussian splats and lens effects in the realm of 3D scans and NeRFs. Here's your unique and informative guide:

    Gaussian Splats: These are point-based representations of 3D data, often used in point cloud rendering. To incorporate Gaussian splats into a lens effect:

    Data Preparation: Ensure your 3D scans or NeRFs are properly converted into Gaussian splats. This may involve converting your dense 3D data into a point cloud with associated attributes like position, color, and normal information.

    Shader Magic: Utilize custom shaders to render Gaussian splats within your lens effect. Shaders will allow you to control the visual appearance, blending, and interactivity of these splats. You can apply Gaussian functions to control point size or influence effects like depth of field.

    Interaction: If you're creating an interactive experience, consider incorporating user-controlled parameters to modify the Gaussian splat appearance in real-time, adding an extra layer of engagement.

    Lens Effect Integration:

    Post-processing: Apply lens effects such as bloom, chromatic aberration, or depth of field as part of a post-processing step in your 3D rendering pipeline.

    Depth Information: Ensure your Gaussian splats carry depth information, so lens effects like depth of field can correctly blur objects based on their positions in 3D space.

    Realism: Experiment with different lens effects to achieve the desired level of realism or artistic stylization in your 3D scans or NeRFs. Lens flares, for example, can add a cinematic touch.

    Remember, the key to a captivating fusion of Gaussian splats and lens effects lies in the artistry of your implementation. Fine-tuning shaders and post-processing parameters can yield visually stunning results, enhancing the immersive quality of your 3D scans and NeRFs. It's a journey into the realm where art and technology converge.