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Someone Please help!
So someone my sons account was compromised. Unsure how that happened, but we know stuff does.
So he has changed his password, etc.... He can log in on a PC, but he is UNABLE to log in from his phone AT ALL. Its like blocked. He cant create a new account to just start over... it wont allow him to. He thinks is phone specific.... But how do we fix this? Its been about 2 months... and nothing seems to work. He has waited to log in for long periods of time, but NOTHING. Its very frustrating since there are no options to figure out how to solve this.
We tried unlocking his account online, on a PC - and it sends a code, that he receives, but then when we enter it, it says its NOT the right code. But it is. So that doesnt make any sense. Any tips or tricks, on how to get this fixed...... Thank you.


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    Apologies for the issue you are experiencing. Please contact Snapchat support here to resolve. Closing this thread as this forum is intended for Snap AR related topics only.

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