I'm new to Snap Chat, I'm from Effect house of tiktok bad experience.


Hello guys,

I started my experience with Lens studio by Snap chat a few days ago, I come from a very bad experience with tiktok effect house. The Chinese platform manipulates analytics to control rewards. They exploit creators and manipulate them to their liking, I abandoned them at the time after doing over 320 filters. I hope the experience here will be more positive.

I need help, even though Lens Studio is very similar to Tik tok's Effect House I wanted to know if there are official guides to know all the details.

I thank in advance all those who want to help me.


  • زریاب

    It's great to hear that you're giving Lens Studio a try after your negative experience with TikTok Effect House. It's important to find platforms where you feel valued and respected as a creator. To download tiktok video without watermark In Hd quality.

    Lens Studio does have official guides and documentation to help you navigate the platform and learn all the details. You can find them on the Lens Studio website, which offers tutorials, guides, and resources to help you create engaging augmented reality experiences. Additionally, the Lens Studio community forum can be a valuable resource for getting help from other creators and sharing your own experiences.

    If you have specific questions or need assistance with anything while using Lens Studio, feel free to ask. I'm here to help, and I'm sure others in the community would be happy to assist you as well.