Normal Map problem


Hi! Normal Map in Blender and Spark AR look great. But in Lens Studio there is excessive waviness, why?




  • Lorenza Smith

    i am also facing on brand map on snap.. on cloud shoes it is my brand.. if anyone know i can fix this kindly reply..

  • Ahmaad khan

    Excessive waviness in normal maps within Lens Studio compared to Blender or Spark AR could stem from several factors:

    1. Texture Compression: Lens Studio might be applying a different compression method or handling normal maps differently, leading to visual discrepancies. Ensure that the texture compression settings are appropriate for normal maps.

    2. Mipmap Generation: Mipmaps are smaller versions of the texture used for optimization. Their generation might affect the appearance of normal maps. Try adjusting mipmap settings or disabling them for the normal map texture.

    3. Lighting and Rendering: Lens Studio might render or handle lighting differently, affecting how normal maps interact with the scene's lighting. Adjusting lighting settings or experimenting with different environmental factors might help.

    4. Shader or Material Setup: The way shaders or materials interpret normal maps can vary across platforms. Double-check the shader or material settings in Lens Studio to ensure they align with the intended appearance of the normal map.

    5. Platform-Specific Optimization: Each platform (Blender, Spark AR, Lens Studio) might have its optimization techniques. It's common for visual variations to occur due to these differences in rendering engines or software optimizations.

    To address this issue, consider adjusting settings in Lens Studio that control texture compression, mipmap generation, lighting, and shader/material properties related to normal maps. Experiment with different configurations to achieve a more consistent appearance across platforms. Additionally, reviewing documentation or seeking support from Lens Studio's community might provide platform-specific insights into normal map rendering.

  • Sayan Mondal

    Is that possible to create my own face filter or lens in lens studio??
    If there is anyone please help me out and provide me some solution....
    Waiting for your response . To be very honest I really don't know your name when am asking this question but Thank You in advance....)