How do I use Digital Goods in lenses?


Hi guys I can't figure out how to put digital assets on snapchat, the ones that are unlocked with tokens, can someone explain the procedure step by step please?


  • kaam deir

    To add digital assets on Snapchat unlocked with tokens:

    1. Create a Lens:
      Use Snapchat Lens Studio to create your digital asset.

    2. Token Integration:
      Integrate token unlocking in Lens Studio using the scripting API.

    3. Upload to Lens Explorer:
      Publish your lens and upload it to Lens Explorer on Snapchat.

    4. Enable Token Purchase:
      On your website or app, enable token purchases for users.

    5. User Redemption:
      Users purchase tokens and redeem them to unlock the digital asset on Snapchat.

    Ensure compliance with Snapchat's policies and guidelines during the creation and distribution process.