Problem with Importing Material Shading Info from Blender to Lens Studio

Erik Hesselman
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Hello Snap Community,

I'm encountering a problem when importing the shading information from Blender into Lens Studio via FBX.

From what I can tell, only the information from the Principled BSDF node has transferred over into Lens Studio.

The information from Voronoi Texture > Color Ramp > Normal Map has not transferred with it.

There is a noticeable difference between the 3D Object in Blender and the preview in Lens Studio.

So my questions are:

How can I manually apply this information to my material in the Lens Studio Graph Editor? I know there are Voronoi Noise and Color Ramp nodes there, and I guess I'm meant to connect them somewhere in the Normal Map tab, but beyond that I don't have a clue.

Or, ideally, is there a way to include this information from Blender when importing the FBX file to Lens Studio?


  • To manually apply shading information from Blender in Lens Studio's Graph Editor, try connecting the Voronoi Noise node to the Normal Map input. You can also use the Color Ramp node to adjust colors. Unfortunately, direct import might not capture all details. Consider tweaking settings during the Lens Studio import or use additional maps if needed.

    Hope this helps! I also did the same for my website Nize Printing

  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for your advice. Appreciate it!

    I've realized that it's probably a problem with how I'm exporting the FBX rather than a problem with Lens Studio compatibility, because even when I bring the FBX back into Blender the Voronoi Texture > Color Ramp > Normal Map info is missing. I will take a look at the export settings and hopefully find the (easiest) fix there.