How to download music for snapchat videos editing?

I have recently gone through this article and downloaded this software for downloading music for snapchat. But not finding my downloaded songs in gallery and even in snapchat not finding way to upload my own music. Where does my songs are downloaded and how to upload music in snapchat.


  • "I encountered a similar situation with a music downloading modded software and understand the frustration. It's common for downloaded songs to be stored in a specific folder within your device's storage. Have you checked your 'Downloads' folder or a dedicated folder created by the app itself? As for uploading music to Snapchat, the process might involve accessing the app's settings or camera features. In the world of editing apps, this parallels the challenge of locating and importing edited content. In both cases, a clear guide within the app or support documentation could greatly enhance user experience. It's a reminder of the importance for editing apps to streamline the process of importing user-generated content, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for users who want to enhance their multimedia content."