Where to find templates for Lens Studio 5?


I really looked everywhere and searched online - are the templates gone? Or is there a different process to start with a template for Lens Studio 5 and up?
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    Here's what you need to know:

    Hi, Mert Ozcan
    Here's what you need to know:
    Built-in Templates: Lens Studio 5 offers a smaller selection of built-in templates compared to its predecessor. You can access these directly within the software by clicking on "Create New Project" and then selecting the "Templates" tab.

    Community-Made Templates: While official Lens Studio templates are limited, the community has stepped up to create their own! You can find these through external sources like:

    GitHub: Many developers share their Lens Studio creations on GitHub, including templates. Search for "Lens Studio 5 templates" or browse through relevant repositories.
    Social Media: Platforms like Twitter and Reddit have communities dedicated to Lens Studio development. Users often share links to their templates or projects that can be used as starting points.
    Third-Party Websites: Some websites offer curated collections of Lens Studio templates, both official and community-made. A quick Google search should lead you to some options.
    Important Note: When using community-made templates, ensure they are compatible with Lens Studio 5 and haven't been outdated by newer versions. Always check the template description or readme file for version compatibility information.

    Alternatives to Templates:

    If you can't find a suitable template, remember you can always start from scratch in Lens Studio 5. The software offers a user-friendly interface and plenty of documentation to guide you through the process. There are also numerous tutorials and resources available online to help you learn the basics and build your own Lenses.

    Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:

    Lens Studio Documentation: https://docs.snap.com/lens-studio/home
    Lens Studio Community Forum: https://support.lensstudio.snapchat.com/hc/en-us/community/topics
    GitHub Lens Studio Repositories: https://github.com/topics/lens-studio
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  • Mert Ozcan

    Thanks a lot @Toomed, this all makes sense; one thing however I can't see any 'Templates' tab when I tap 'New Project', it directly creates a new project.