Public Display?


Hello, probably not the proper place to post this, but wasn't sure where I could....

SnapAR was at the AWE conference last year and had a few large interactive screens on display. They had cameras and you were able to play around with some of the Snapchat filters.

Does a setup like this exist anywhere?! I work for a non-profit organization for underground science and research and we have a FREE visitor center that attracts people of all ages. We would love to have an interactive display for kids to "try on" science and engineering attire digitally. I'm able to create all of this in Lens Studio with no issues, just want to be able to display it publicly rather than on a phone. Anyone have any suggestions for a setup?


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    Hey Stephen!
    That sounds like such a cool idea for your non-profit organization! There are definitely ways to create interactive displays using Snapchat filters. One option could be to use large touchscreens or interactive kiosks where visitors can interact with the filters. You could also explore the possibility of using projection mapping to display the filters on different surfaces. It might be worth reaching out to local tech companies or event production companies to see if they can help you set up something like this. Good luck with your project, and I hope the kids have a blast trying on science and engineering attire digitally! ✌️

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