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i would like to share with you the Voice ML future here for whom sees it hard to use. and you can use it on any of your creation to make your lens much fun!


1- click on 'Asset Library' you can see it on the top

2- click on Audio then Import the 'Say - Take a Snap'


3- you will see it down on the Resources just drag it up with the objects. 


4- you can delete the 'Info Card' just to not distract you.

now your lens will hear the command when you tap on the screen and say ( Take a Snap and Start/Stop recording ). Create anything with this on and have fun!! 




Now we gonna use the Voice ML on Upper Garment Template, thanks to Emiliusvgs for making Upper Garment Template tutorial https://youtu.be/z61XhmLRBQw 


  • When you open the Upper Garment Template or any Template you prefer

1- Again Click on Asset Library 

2- Audio then System Voice Command 

3- drag it up with the objects. 

4- Under the KeywordParent on Snap Script change the Keyword to anything you prefer here we use ( Key Word 'Snapchat' )

5- Click on + then add Behavior.

6- Rename it to anything you prefer just to not confused you here we change it to 'Behavior SnapChat', and drag it under the Behaviors. 

7- Under the Garment Design you will see 'Image and Pattern'. on Image add any Image you like on 'Texture' here we upload an Image a name it Snap ML *it just a name*

it will look like this

8- You also can add a Pattern here i add the same Image 'Snap ML'

it looks like that! 

9- on 'Behavior Snapchat' make sure ' Response Type ' (Set Enabled)

and drag what you prefer on the Target the Image or the Pattern, here we drag the Pattern 

10- Click on Snap then make sure the send trigger is checked and drag the Behavior SnapChat there.

11- on SystemVoiceCommand make sure the Use Keyword is checked.

12- on Garment Design make sure you Disable al the check mark 

now every time you say the word 'Snapchat' * use your any word you prefer * this image will shows on the Upper Garment.



lets do it with Custom Components Template!

do the same steps and change these..


1- on Behavior Face we name it before ' Behavior Snapchat ' here we will change the target to baby that you will find it below with the resources 



2- on Snap we will use the keyword 'baby' so when you say baby the face for the baby will show

and we drag the Behavior Face to Send Trigger.


I hope this will help someone! Please let me know if you need anything with this!

Thank you!




Say Hi Lens ' Voice ML on Upper Garment Template '

Open Project : https://top4top.io/downloadf-2293big2o1-rar.html