How can i make 3 filters active at three different times after recording button is activated


Hey all, im a beginner here and im trying to make a lens where i can activate a filter after a set amount of time after the record button is activated.
For example
Filter1 would activate from the start of recording up 2 seconds
Then filter2 would take over from 2s to 3s
And filter3 from 3s to 4s

I played around a bit and i was able to make my filters and all. And i would use the script>behavior tool. For filter1 i would have the delay time set to 2s and the under options, i would set it to disable. Which means deactivate this filter on the 2s mark after recording. Then filter2 i would set the delay time for 2. And then under the options tab i would set it to enable. Which means this filter would activate on the 2s mark. And i would then copy the script and paste it down below, this time i would change the delay time to 3s and have it disabled. Which means it would stop at the 3s mark. And filter3… so on

But this is for some reason not working, its somehow merging all the filters from the start. I did few tests and i couldnt figure it out.

I realized that i can disable a filter after set amount of time. Like if i want filter3 to start from the time of recording till 10 seconds, then it till work, when i test it, the filter goes off at the 10th second mark.
However i can not make it to start say at 2 second mark. For example, if i delete filter1 and filter2 so that im only playing with filter3, when i set it to enable from 3s that dont work.. it activates from the start and nothing happen at the 3s mark. If i switch it to disable, then it will disable on 3s mark. So all filters are starting from 0s mark.

Idk how is the proper way to do it and ive been struggling. Can anyone help please

Fyi: im doing this because i have a song imported into the lens and i want to change filters on the song beats. If there is a template out there i would love to see it.
Thank you!